To connect to the Morro Cloud Storage Gateway, mount the share over SMB with the proper user credentials.

Mount SMB share on the command line:


# mount.cifs //$hostname/$sharename $mountpoint -o user=$username

"$hostname" is the Gateway (CacheDrive) hostname or IP address.

"$sharename" is the name of the share.

"$mountpoint" is the directory that will be used to access the share.

"$username" is your user name.

The mount command will prompt for your password.  The username and password can also be given on the command line:

# USERNAME=$username PASSWORD=$password mount.cifs //$hostname/$sharename $mountpoint


To find the IP address of the CacheDrive, go to the "Device" page in the management UI and expand the section for the device.

Mount the share automatically on boot:

Add the following line to your /etc/fstab:

//$hostname/$sharename    $mountpoint    cifs    user=$username,password=$password    0    0