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HowTo: CloudNAS Folder/File Access Control List Setting in Windows AD Mode.


CloudNAS Folder/File Access Control List Setting in Windows AD Mode.




Active Directory mode requires an Active Directory server.  In Active Directory mode, you do not use your MCM UI to manage your users and groups.  Instead, you manage them with your Active Directory database, and the changes are transferred to your CacheDrive.  Setting up Active Directory (AD) permissions allows IT administrators to assign access policies to secure their environment and lower their maintenance cost by having centralized management.




To configure CloudNAS Share with Windows ACL in Domain Mode:

1. Create a Share via MCM with Default Share Folder Permission.

2. Verify that "Everyone" user is set to Read/Write and Disable the "Anonymous/Guest" access.

3.  Login to CacheDrive via LAN using FQDN with Administrator or Domain Admin. 

4.  Create the Sub Folder(s) using Domain Administrator Account.

5.  After Creating the Sub Folder(s), Use the Windows Server/Client Security Properties tab to make change Permission that you wishes with Domain Administrator Account.  Use the Windows Client Advance Security Permission Tab for recursive file/folder permission setting.


Note:  Once you have set up everything, always use a Windows client to modify permissions. Do not use the Advanced Permissions UI from MCM to manage file access. 

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