Use the Advanced tab to change advanced and lesser used options.  Some of these options can cause access or data loss if used improperly, so be careful when making changes in this tab.


Upload Window and Bandwidth

Use this option to limit the upsync bandwidth available to this share according to a user-created schedule for this device.  For more information on setting a bandwidth schedule, please see the following article:

How do I limit upload bandwidth?

Upload after other shares...

If enabled, this lowers the share's priority on upsync.  Shares with higher priority will be synced with the cloud first, and lower priority shares will only sync when there are no requests from higher priority shares in the queue.

For more information on share priority, please see the Share Priority section of the following article:

Performance Tuning

Sync Temporary Locks

To improve performance, some lock files are not synced to the cloud by default.  Enable this option to include those files in the syncing process.

Sync exclusion in Posix ERE

By default,  Morro Data devices exclude certain temporary files from sync.  To customize which files are uploaded, enable this feature and add a new Posix ERE.  To create a Posix ERE, use the Sync Exclusion List generator by clicking the question mark (?). For more information, please see the following article:

How do I change what type of files to sync to the cloud?


Don't use ea to save streams

This turns off the xattr setting in Samba which can improve file performance. Removing xattr disables extended attribute settings which may affect features such as Windows ACL.  This is generally not needed.

Force SMB encrypt

Force encryption to be used for SMB access.

Prevent folder rename when used (slower)

Prevents users from renaming folders if another user has an open file in the folder or a sub-folder. This results in a folder lock.

Disable oplocks

Oplocks allow a client to download and cache a file on its hard drive while making changes; if a second client wants to access the file, the first client receives a break and must synchronize the file back to the server.  This can give significant performance gains in some cases.  Some programs insist on synchronizing the contents of the entire file back to the server for a single change.

Hide share from browsing

This option prevents a share from being discovered by browsing in Explorer or Finder. Users with access permissions can still access the share.


Use the Security tab to specify access permissions to sub-folders in a share. Click "Edit folder security" to open the Folder Security panel.

Share Folder Owner

Sets the CREATOR_OWNER value for share.

Share Folder Group

Sets the CREATOR_GROUP value for the share.

Access for this Folder

Use this section to add or delete users/groups from the ACL permissions list and specify the access permission for users or groups for the share.

The following actions can be performed for the share folder:

AddAdd a user or group to the ACL.
DeleteRemove a user or group from the ACL. Select from the list of users and groups in this section and click Delete.
RevertRevert all changes made.
Read WriteGrant users Read/Write access.
Read OnlyGrants users Read Only access.
No AccessPrevents all access to the files and folders.

To add more users or groups to the Access Control Lists, click Add.  The window to add more users and groups will appear.

To add additional users and groups to the Access Controls Lists:

  1. Select the users and groups from the "User or Group name" panel.

    Use the + next to the item to add the users or group to the "User/Group to be added to Permissions" list.

    Search for a specific user or group using the "User or Group name" field.

  2. Set the Permissions for the users and groups in the "User/Group to be added to Permissions" list.

    Set the Access settings for the Users and Groups from the dropdown list. The available settings are:
    • NO: No Access
    • RW: Read/Write Access (Full control)
    • RO: Read-Only

  3. Select from "Add user access permissions for this folder" or "Add user access permission for new folder/file" to choose to which set of permissions will be added.

Click Add to complete the process.


Use this tab to enable/disable Remote Team Collaboration features for the share.

For more information on the file types affected by each RTC slider, please see the following article:

Which file extensions does each RTC type support?


Use this tab to enable the performance option to have simultaneous upload and download when syncing large files.