Change the files excluded by the CacheDrive sync service.

Morro Data uses a default list of files to exclude for sync to the cloud. 

Go to File System to modify the sync exclusion list.

Manage Exclusion List

Choose the share for which you want to manage the sync exclusion list.

1. In the Manage Share panel, select the ADVANCED tab from the top of the window and choose Upload from the navigation menu on the left.

2. Click the toggle button for the enable the option "Sync exclusion in Posix ERE"

A text field will appear and is enabled to enter the ERE. Click on the ? icon to open the ERE generator at Sync Exclusion List

a. To remove existing rules from the default exclusion list, click "Set to default" and remove the unwanted exceptions.

b. To add new rules to the default exclusion list, click "Set to default" and add exceptions


3. Enter the text from the field "Result of Regular Expression"

4. Paste the text in the text field.

Note: leaving the field blank with the "Sync exclusion Posix ERE" enabled will result in no files uploaded to the cloud. 

Click APPLY or SAVE to complete the process.

List of excluded files by default

File Pattern