Upload bandwidth limits can be set by the hour and day on a per-device basis.  Shares can be individually set to follow these limits.

To set an upload/prefetch bandwidth schedule for a device:

  1. Go to MCM.
  2. Click Devices, then select your device.
  3. Click Schedule and select "UPLOAD" or "PREFETCH". 
  4. Enable "Upload Window and Bandwidth" or "Prefetch Window and Bandwidth" option.

  5. Each square represents an hour (shown in 24-hour format) for a day of the week.  To set the upload or prefetch bandwidth limit, select a limit in the row beneath the Upload/Prefetch Window and Bandwidth slider, then click on an hour/day square.  You can also drag the mouse across several squares to apply the limit to a range.
  6. Click Save.

To enable the upload/prefetch bandwidth schedule settings for a share:

  1. Once the schedule is set for a device, go to MCM and click File System.
  2. Select a share, then click Advanced.
  3. Slide the "Upload Window and Bandwidth" slider on the Upload panel to the right to enable upload bandwidth schedule settings.
  4. Slide the "Prefetch Window and Bandwidth" slider on the Prefetch panel to the right to enable prefetch bandwidth schedule settings.