Archive Pool requires a user managed Backblaze B2 bucket to store the synchronized files. 

Supported in Plans:

  • CloudNAS Business
  • CloudNAS Enterprise

Note: If you do not have a Backblaze account, visit B2 Cloud Storage to create an account.

In order to use Backblaze, you will need the following information from your B2 account:

  • Bucket ID
  • Account ID
  • Application Key


Bucket ID

Specify a bucket to be used as the data object store. You can find the Bucket ID on the Buckets page.

Note: If you do not have a bucket, please create a bucket by clicking on the "Create a Bucket" button on your Buckets page.

Account ID

Each account has an Account ID. To obtain your Account ID, click on the link "Show Account ID and Application Key" on the Bucket page.

Application Key

The Application Key is used by a 3rd-party app such a Morro Data to access your B2 API. This allows Morro Data to interact with your B2 account. Once an Application Key is generated, you cannot obtain the key from your account page. If the key is lost, you can generate a new key. 

Note: Generating a new key means that any application using the old Application Key will no longer be able to access your B2 account. You must update the Application Key for all applications connected to your B2 account including Morro Data.

Using Backblaze

Add Cloud Storage Panel

Complete the following steps to add the Cloud Storage Gateway

  1. Choose the storage type "Your Object Storage for Archive".
  2. Choose the Provider: Backblaze
  3. Enter a Name
  4. Enter the Backblaze account information        
    • Bucket ID
    • Account ID
    • Application Key

Step 1. Choose your storage type

Choose the object store. To use Archive share, choose "Your Object Storage for Archive".

Step 2. Choose your provider

Choose the icon for Backblaze from the list of providers.

Step 3. Enter a Name

Choose a name for your Cloud Storage Group and enter it in the Name field. The name is used identify the cloud storage group in your system.

Step 4. Enter your B2 account information

Enter the Bucket ID, Account ID, and Application Key for your account. The three pieces of information tells Morro Data which B2 account and bucket to use to store the files managed in this cloud storage group.

Click CREATE to complete the process.

Once the Cloud Storage Group is created, you can create pools and shares within that cloud storage group. For more information on creating pools and shares, reference the article File System - Create Pool and Share.

Notes on Features

Account Permissions

If any changes to the permissions of the Backblaze account are made, an email will be sent the Morro account administrators. Changes to permissions may cause interruption in service.