The CloudDrive plan enables users to use their Dropbox account as a CloudNAS drive. A CloudNAS drive users Cache and Sync to improve their productivity in working with files that are stored in their Dropbox account. The CloudDrive plan is designed for single office or home office users.

If you are a single off or home office user, choose from one of these plans:

  • CloudDrive
  • CloudNAS

Note: Cloud File System is also available in the CloudNAS Business and CloudNAS Enterprise plan.

If you do not have a Dropbox account, visit Dropbox to create an account.

In order to use Dropbox, you will need to authorize the Morro Data account to access your Dropbox account.

Using Dropbox

New Accounts

During the account creation process, you must choose a plan that has Cloud File System enabled. In the Account Sign-Up process, choose one of the following plans in the window Select your Morro Data plan.

Configure your Account

After you create your account, you can create a cloud storage group with Dropbox.

Go to FILE SYSTEM page to create your cloud storage group.

Click the orange "+" button  and select "Add Cloud Storage" to open the Add Cloud Storage panel.

Add Cloud Storage Panel

Complete the following steps to add the Cloud Storage Gateway

  1. Choose your storage type: "Your Cloud File Storage"
  2. Choose your provider
  3. Enter a Name
  4. Enter the credentials for Dropbox from the Dropbox website
  5. Authorize Morro Cache to access your Dropbox account  

Step 1. Choose your storage

Choose the object store. To use Cloud File System, choose "Your Cloud File Storage".

Step 2. Choose your provider

Choose icon for Dropbox from the list of providers.

Step 3. Enter a Name

Choose a name for your Cloud Storage Group and enter it in the Name field. The name is used identify the cloud storage group in your system.

Step 4. Enter your credentials for Dropbox

Dropbox will need you to authorize the Morro Cache app to access your Dropbox account. You will be redirected to the Dropbox website to complete this operation.

If you are not logged in, please log in to Dropbox.

If you are successfully authenticated, you can authorize Morro Cache to access your Dropbox account.

Click ALLOW to authorize Morro Cache to access your Dropbox account.

Click CREATE to complete the process.

Once the Cloud Storage Group is created, you can create pools and shares within that cloud storage group. For more information on creating pools and shares, reference the article File System - Create Pool and Share.

Notes on Features

File page

Cloud File System shares are not accessible via Morro Data's Team Portal. To view files through a web browser, go to the Cloud File System provider's web site.


Shares created in the Cloud File System pool are not able to synchronize with ECHO.

Dashboard - Statistics

Data upload and download statistics are not part of the dashboard

Analyze Pool and Share

There are not data transfer statistics managed in the Cloud File System pool.

Storage Limits

Cloud File System does not support storage overages. If the user has used up all of their space in the Cloud File System provider's account, Morro Data will mark the Shares in the Cloud File System pool as Read-Only. User can make room by deleting files or adding more storage. To grant the share full access again, the administrator must change the share permissions back to "Read/Write"

Deleting Cloud Storage Group

The cloud storage group cannot be deleted when there is no pool or share.

One Pool per Cloud File System Provider

Cloud Storage Groups can only be created per provider account.