NEO buckets can be used for Sync, Replicate, and Archive shares.

To add NEO as a cloud storage provider:

  1. Create an NEO bucket.
  2. Generate a key to access the NEO bucket.
  3. Add the NEO bucket to your Morro account.
  4. Create a pool and shares using the new NEO bucket.

Create an NEO Bucket and Access Key

Please consult the NEO cloud storage documentation for instructions.

Add the NEO Bucket to Your Morro Account

To add an IIJ bucket to your Morro account:

  1. Login to MCM.
  2. Go to File System, then click Add Cloud Storage.

    File system
  3. Select the NEO icon under Providers, enter the required information, then click Create.  See below for more details.

    add cloud storage

If you intend to use the NEO bucket for Sync or Replicate shares, select "Your Object Storage for Sync".  For Archive shares, select "Your Object Storage for Archive".

The following fields are available in the Add Cloud Storage dialog:

  • Name - The name of the bucket as it appears in MCM.
  • Bucket Name - The name of the bucket as shown in the NEO configuration interface.
  • Key ID - The Key ID for the bucket.
  • Secret Key - The Secret Key for the bucket.

Create Pool and Shares

After adding the new cloud storage to your Morro Account, go to MCM -> File System -> Shares and click Create Pool to create a storage pool using the new bucket.  Then, you may create shares normally.  For more information, see the following articles:

File System - Create Pool

File System - Create Shares

Notes on Features

Account Permissions

If permissions are changed in the NEO account, an email will be sent the Morro account administrators. Changes to permissions may cause an interruption in service.

File page

BYOS NEO supports file management in the Team Portal.


BYOS NEO shares can be synchronized with external Cloud File System providers.

Deleting Cloud Storage

NEO cloud storage can be deleted once all the pools and shares within the storage are deleted.

Admins can use multiple NEO buckets within the same account.