Occasionally, the Wasabi cloud storage backend may have problems that affect your Morro storage account and devices.  Some symptoms include:

  • Error messages such as:
    - Device 'devicename' detected Cloud Storage Service Provider 'Morro Cloud (Wasabi/US)-907' issue: 'UNAUTHORIZED'
    - Device 'devicename' detected Cloud Storage Service Provider 'Morro Cloud-679' issue: 'unknown CURL'
  • Upsync and/or downsync failures.
  • Failure to download files into the cache.

To determine the status of Wasabi's cloud storage service, visit the following URL:

Wasabi Status Page

Note that the page may or may not be updated in real-time.  We have encountered situations where Morro devices showed errors for 30 minutes before the status page reported an outage.

To see Wasabi's incident history, see the following page:

Wasabi Incident History

You can also receive notifications for Wasabi status updates by clicking the "Subscribe to Updates" button on either of the pages above.

In any case, once the issue has been resolved on the Wasabi side, the CacheDrives will automatically recover without any manual intervention.  If you continue to have problems even after the Wasabi issue has been resolved, please contact Morro Support.