The MCM Dashboard shows the amount of cloud storage used.

cloud storage data usage

"Your Data" includes all current and previous versions of your files.

"You Pay For" shows the amount of actual storage used in the cloud.  Generally, this will be less than what's shown in "Your Data" due to deduplication, etc.

If "Your Data" is showing a significantly higher number than you expect, the most likely reason is the number of previous versions being saved.

Viewing Previous Versions

To see the previous versions of a file, go the MCM -> Files, navigate to a file, then click Manage Versions.

view the previous versions

You can then select previous versions of the file and click Delete to remove them from cloud storage.

Purging Files and Folders

You can also permanently remove files and folders from your account and cloud storage by purging them.  If you want to purge a deleted file, make sure to enable the view deleted files option by clicking the eye icon.

Select the file or folder in MCM -> Files, then click Purge.

Purge files abd folders


In some cases, you may not want the system to save previous versions of files.  For example, if you are using a share to store backups of VM disk images, you may want to keep only the current backups themselves and not previous versions.  Each previous version is saved as an independent file, so 30 versions of a 10 GB file would consume 300 GB of cloud storage space, even if the differences are minor.

Versioning policy is defined at the pool level, so in this situation, we recommend creating a different pool with no previous version support, then creating a new share in this pool for use with your VM disk image backups.