Problem: Revit 2018 or 2019 installation using a Revit deployment on a CacheDrive share silently fails.

Cause: To improve performance and syncing efficiency, CacheDrives by default do not sync certain file types. This can include temporary files, backups, etc.  We have seen cases where Revit installation using a deployment on a CacheDrive  share fails due to missing Thumbs.db files, which are not synced by default.

Examples of where Thumbs.db may be found:

Revit 2019: Deployment Folder\Img\x64\RVT\PF64\Autodesk\Root\Setup\en-GB\Documentation\images\Thumbs.db

Revit 2018: Deployment Folder\Img\x64\RCL\Program Files\Autodesk\Root\Setup\en-GB\Documentation\images\thumbs.db

Revit 2018: Deployment Folder\Img\x64\RVT\Program Files\Autodesk\Root\Setup\en-GB\Documentation\images\thumbs.db

Resolution: The simplest solution is to manually copy the thumbs.db files to the deployment share on the CacheDrive device used to install Revit.  Note that this must be done on the CacheDrive used as the installation source since it will not be synced if it is copied to another CacheDrive in the account.