Do not restart services or reboot devices!

Because of the cloud-based nature of the Morro Data solution, configuration changes are made in the cloud which then propagate down to the individual devices as necessary.  Several factors can delay the process by which these configuration changes are sent to the CacheDrives.  Some examples:

  • Cloud server load
  • Device connectivity issues
  • Device load (file processing, large queues, etc.)

If configuration changes are not taking effect at the device level, the best thing to do is wait, especially if there is a large queue being processed.  To see the status of the queue, please see this article:

How do I check the upsync queue?

Rebooting devices or restarting services can interrupt the processes required to implement configuration changes and will interfere with user access to devices.

Some configuration changes can take an unexpectedly long period of time.  For example, deleting a share can a long time if the share has a large upsync queue because many database records have to be selectively deleted to clear the queue.

If a configuration change is taking longer than expected, please contact Technical Support for assistance.