To restore a CacheDrive to factory settings:

  1. Make sure that all of the data from the device has been synced to the cloud.  For sync shares, check if there is a bubble in the upper right corner of the device icon in the Devices page in MCM.

    Mouseover the bubble to see the queue status. In the above screenshot, 1409 requests are queued for upload. Once this number reaches 0, all data on the device has been synced to the cloud. If there is no bubble, then no requests are queued.

    For replicate shares that use the CacheDrive as the source, click the Sync Now button in the Schedule page:

    To check if a share is the source for a replicate share, check the share permissions:

  2. Remove the device from your account by selecting the device in the Devices page, then click Maintenance, then Delete:

The device will be reset to factory default settings on the next boot.