On occasion, it may be necessary to manually force the CacheDrive to download specific files to the cache.  For example, if you need to copy a series of large files from the CacheDrive to your PC, the copy may timeout if the files need to be fetched from the cloud.

  1. Go to MCM, then click Files.
  2. Navigate to the files or folder.
  3. Select a folder or one or more files.
  4. Click Manage Caching.

  5. Select a gateway, the click Check.

  6. Select the files manually or use the filter options.  If you selected a folder in step 3, you can only manage caching for the entire folder.
  7. Click Fetch to force the CacheDrive to download the files into the local cache.  Click Cache Out to remove the files from the cache.

To see the fetch progress, click on Devices, then expand the section for your gateway.