To use a proxy server with your CacheDrive:

  1. For CacheDrive hardware devices: Connect a monitor and keyboard to the CacheDrive. Reboot the device by holding down the power button for 5 seconds or until the power LED is off, then press the power button again.

    For v100 virtual machines: Reboot the VM and go to the console window.

  2. During the boot process, you will see the following prompt:
    Configure Network? [N/y]
    Answer 'y' and press Enter.

  3. Next, you will see the following prompts:
    IPv4 DHCP (D) or Static IP (S)? [D/s]
    Enable IPv6. Yes (Y) or No (N)? [Y/n]
    Answer according to your network configuration.

  4. Finally, you will see the following prompt:
    EXPERIMENTAL: Proxy Server: ([[user][:password]@]proxyhost[:port]) or leave empty:
    Enter your proxy server information with optional username, password, and port.  Example:
  5. The CacheDrive will continue booting.  Once the boot process has finished, the configuration process is complete.


  • If a firmware update is required during account creation or adding a device, the device will be reset to factory default settings.  The proxy configuration process must be done again.
  • The following are not supported with proxy enabled:
    • JumpCloud/OpenLDAP integration
    • ECHO and Sharepoint sync