Morro Data optimizes the cloud storage by including a default exclusion list for files to skip during the sync process. Some files such as temporary files or system files that are generated dynamically do not need to be backed up to the cloud. 

Administrators can modify the sync exception list to allow previously excluded files to sync to the cloud or add additional files to be skipped during the sync by share.

The exclusion list is entered as a POSIX ERE (POSIX Extended Regular Expression) to the Advanced Share Options section of the Share details panel.

Morro Data has created a POSIX ERE generator which can be used to create the POSIX ERE based on rules determined by the Administrator. The tool is available at:  Sync Exclusion:

To modify the exclusion list:

  1. Go to MCM.
  2. Click on File System and select a share.
  3. Navigate to the Advanced Tab, then enable "Sync Exclusion" option.
  4. Enter the new sync exclusion setting and click Apply.