Receive an error that the file cannot be found when using an application to open a file from the shared folder.


Timeout settings are determined by the specific application. If the file is large, it can sometimes reach the timeout before the CacheDrive can complete the download.

When a file is not cached on the CacheDrive, then the CacheDrive will fetch the file from the cloud. If the file is very large, the application will time out the attempt to open the file before the CacheDrive can finish downloading the file to the local network.


No further action is required. Just wait longer time until the download is completed.

The CacheDrive is downloading the file from the cloud to make it available on your local network and the system needs time to finish downloading the file which is dependent on your network's available bandwidth. Allowing enough time for the file to download will allow the application to open the file.

If the issue is not resolved over extended period of time, contact Morro support for assistance by submitting a support ticket.