Administrator received an alert email about stuck queue on Gateway device.

A sample alert email -

Processing a file {the filename} takes long time and {queued_number} of operations are unprocessed on device {gateway device name}. This could be normal if your Internet uplink speed is relatively slow for the large file size. 


There are a few common causes for this.

  1. File size is large and Internet uplink speed is slow
  2. It takes more than 1 hour to finish the upload


User can receive a stuck queue alert when the file is taking too long to upload. For example, a 600MB file will take 1.5 hours to upload, and system will send the alert email after 1 hour of being stuck.  

No further action is required. Just wait longer time until the upload is completed.

If the issue is not resolved over extended period of time, contact Morro support for assistance by submitting a support ticket.