Upload bandwidth limits can be set by hour and day on a per-device basis.  Shares can be individually set to follow these limits.

To set an upload bandwidth schedule for a device:

  1. Go to MCM.
  2. Click Devices, then select your device.
  3. Click Schedule and enable the Upload Window and Bandwidth option.

  4. Each square represents an hour (shown in 24 hour format) for a day of the week.  To set the upload bandwidth limit, select a limit in the row beneath the Upload Window and Bandwidth slider, then click on an hour/day square.  You can also drag the mouse across several squares to apply the limit to a range.
  5. Click Save.

To enable the upload bandwidth schedule settings for a share:

  1. Once the schedule is set for a device, go to MCM and click File System.
  2. Select a share, then click Advanced.
  3. Slide the Upload Window and Bandwidth slider to the right to enable.