All class of users (Business Admin, Global Admin, and Standard Users) can change its own password in Profile management

Password Change in user Profile

1. Login as with your own user credential (note Business Admin needs to check the 'check box').

2. Go to Profile page by clicking the drop-down on the upper-right corner and then General Info panel.

3. In the Password and Confirm Password fields type and repeat the new password then click SAVE.

4. Now your Password is changed. Use the new Password to login next time.

Alternatively Business Admin and Global Admins can change Password for a Standard User.

(Business Admin or a Global Admin can changeĀ  Password for another Global Admin if there are more than one Global Admin).

Password Change by Administrators

1. Login as Business Admin or Global Admin

2. Go to TEAM page and then in the USER panel select the User that you want to change password for.

3. In User Details panel type new Password and re-type the new password to confirm. Then click SAVE.

4. Now the User's password is changed. Ask thatĀ User to login with the new Password next time.