xCache is the technology behind Morro CacheDrive. 

xCache performs file syncing and caches recently accessed files, enabling high-speed file access.

Key benefits:

  1. Fast - Provides high-performance access to cloud storage, 100x faster than direct connections to the cloud over Internet.

  2. Efficient
    • Free up your local PC or Mac disk space as files are stored on the CacheDrive instead of users devices.

    • Reduces Internet traffic.

    • Faster Internet Access - The file only needs to be downloaded once from the Internet.

    • Save on Bandwidth Costs - Reduces bandwidth usage by 3x (especially beneficial in countries where bandwidth is metered). For example, a 3 MB file shared with 10 users on Dropbox can cause 30 MB of bandwidth usage as each user syncs the file from the cloud whereas with CacheDrive it would only be 3 MB of bandwidth usage.

  3. Global - Global filesystem supports unified file access across all office locations with a CacheDrive or using the browser thru the Morro Control Manager.