Here are some common issues you may experience while configuring or using your Morro Edge setup.

Core or Edge LANs cannot communicate with each other

If the Edge or Core LANs are unable to communicate with each other, make sure that their respective Edge devices are connected to the Regional WAN.  To reconnect to the Regional WAN, go to the Morro Edge App, then click Network.  On the right side of each Edge device's row, you'll see a wrench icon.  Click it, then click Confirm (without changing any values).

Devices on Edge LANs cannot join the domain

If you are using a .local domain, make sure that the Edge LANs can resolve the value in the DNS Realm field in MCM.  This may require Edge LAN devices to use a particular private DNS server, which can be set by going to the Morro Edge App, the clicking Network.  On the right side of the Regional WAN's row, you'll see a pencil icon.  Click it, then enter the DNS servers in the Name Server fields.