Adding an HC device to your home office involves:

  1. Installing the hardware.
  2. Configuring the device.

Installing the Hardware

Installing the hardware is a simple process.

  1. Remove the device and included cables from the box.
  2. Using an Ethernet cable, connect the Site LAN port on the device to a port on your router.  Make sure that the device is not connected to the router's uplink port, which will generally be connected to your Internet Service Provider's modem.
  3. Using another Ethernet cable, connect the Edge LAN port to a PC, switch, or wireless access point.
  4. Connect the power cable to the device and to a power outlet.
  5. Press the power button to turn the device on.


  • On many routers, the uplink port will be port #1 and may be using a different colored label.  Any of the other ports should be fine to use.  If the router has no more available ports, a switch can be attached to the router, and the HC device can be attached to this switch.
  • The HC device may include built-in Wi-fi, but we recommend using a separate wireless access point for best performance.
  • Only devices attached to the Edge LAN can access the Morro Edge network, so make sure that your PC or laptop is connected to the Edge LAN when trying to access corporate resources.

Configuring the Device

Once the hardware is connected and powered on, the device can be configured remotely by an IT administrator.

For more details on device configuration, including adding the device to your Morro account, see the following article:

How do I add an HC device?