Regional WAN

  • Broadcasts and multicasts do not go over the Regional WAN.
  • The Regional WAN must use a private IP address range with a CIDR suffix between /24 and /29.

Core LAN

  • The Core LAN must be a private IP address range.
  • The DHCP server in the Core LAN should assign IPv4 addresses.  If static leases are desired, register the MAC addresses of the HC device, WAN Gateway, CacheDrive, and Compute Element.

All Sites

  • The Morro Edge network supports only IPv4 addresses.
  • Each site must have a public IPv4 IP address (WAN).
  • Site and Core LANs must make outgoing port 443 (https) available for the HC device and WAN Gateway to the Internet.
  • If no carrier signal is detected on the Site LAN (no switch or device attached to the port), the HC device may take an extra minute or two to boot.