To add an HC device to your Morro account:

  1. Go to the Morro Edge App and go to HC Devices.
  2. Select Discover from the "Select HC Device" dropdown.

  3. If the device is on the same LAN as your PC, the app will find the device on your network.  If the device is not on the same LAN as your PC, enter the HC Device UUID in the UUID field.  Note that this value is different from your CacheDrive UUID.

  4. Select the discovered device, then add a name and description.  Click Confirm to add the HC device to your account.
  5. Next, connect the device to the Regional WAN by going to the Network page, then clicking the wrench icon next to the new device.  You may need to scroll to the bottom of the screen if you have many HC devices in your account.

  6. Enter the Edge LAN network address range, then click Confirm.  You may need to refresh the page to see the updated Regional WAN address.

  7. Next, start the embedded CacheDrive by going to the HC Devices page, then selecting the device from the "Select HC Device" dropdown.  Go to the CacheDrive tab and expand the details section.  Make any necessary virtual hardware changes, then select Start from the Action dropdown.

  8. Once the CacheDrive has finished booting, add the device like any other CacheDrive.  For more information about adding a CacheDrive to your account, see the following article:

    Devices - Add Gateway