Edge LAN Security can be used to give devices on the Site LAN access to devices in the Edge LAN.

From the HC Devices page, the Edge LAN Security field will show one of two states:

  • Secure with no exceptions - Edge LAN is completely isolated from the Site LAN.
  • Secure with some exceptions - Some devices in the Edge LAN can be accessed from the Site LAN.

Clicking the Edit icon shows the following dialog:

The following fields are required for setting up a port forwarding rule:

  • Protocol - Select TCP or UDP.
  • Source Port - The rule will apply when the WAN Gateway is accessed on this port.
  • Destination IP - Requests will be forwarded to this IP address.
  • Destination Port - Requests will be forwarded to this port on the destination device.

Click the trash icon to delete a rule or + to add another row.

Note: When a new rule is added, click + to add a new row before clicking Confirm.

Common Port Forwarding Rules

The following are common ways to use port forwarding:

PurposeProtocolSource PortDestination IPDestination Port
Access CacheDrive from Site LANTCP445CacheDrive IP445
Access Compute from Site LAN over RDPTCP3389Compute IP3389