The HC Devices page shows detailed information for each Morro Edge device.

The top of the page shows the overall configuration of the Morro Edge network.  In the example above, you can see the following:

  • The name of the Regional WAN is "SF BAY AREA" and the WAN gateways will be assigned IP addresses in the range.
  • Each Edge device in the account is displayed with it's WAN IP address to the left and the Core or Edge LAN IP address range on the right.  The DHCP server in the Edge devices will assign IP addresses in the designated range to devices attached to the Edge LAN.
  • To see the details for a device, select it in the "Select HC Device" dropdown or click the device name in the network graphic.

If your account contains multiple Regional WANs, they will appear above the diagram.  Click the name of the Regional WAN to see its setup.  In the above screenshot, the "SF BAY AREA" Regional WAN is selected.

Once a device is selected, a graphic displaying the network details for the device will appear on the right side of the page and the device details will appear at the bottom of the page.

Adding a Device

In the device selection dropdown, select Discover to add a new HC device.

If the device is not automatically found, enter the UUID in the "HC Device UUID" field.

Enter the hostname and device description in the Name and Description fields respectively.

Network Details

In the example above, the hc-edge-c576 device has been selected and its network graphic is shown at the right.  From the graphic, we can see the following:

  • The device hostname (hc-edge-c576) is displayed at the top of the graphic.
  • The device's Regional WAN IP address is
  • The Site LAN IP address is (assigned by the office's DHCP server, which can be office's router or another device) for the WAN gateway.
  • The WAN gateway VM's Edge LAN IP address is
  • The device's embedded CacheDrive VM's IP address is
  • The embedded DHCP server will assign IP addresses in the range of for devices attached to the Edge LAN.

Device Details

The following screenshot shows an example of the device details that will appear at the bottom of the page when a device is selected.  See the following article for more information:

HC Devices - Device Details