Secure CacheDrives use Self-Encrypting Disks (SED) to automatically encrypt all data in hardware with minimal performance impact.  This keeps the data on the drive secure even if a CacheDrive is stolen.  Without the Master or User drive password, the contents of the disk is inaccessible even if it is connected to another server or PC.

When using Secure CacheDrives, a few things should be kept in mind:

  1. The CacheDrive should not be powered by an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).  SED drives will lock when the CacheDrive is powered down, but a UPS allows the CacheDrive to be stolen without powering down (the thief can just take the UPS), leaving the drive unlocked and the data accessible.
  2. Morro Data will provide the User password for the drive which can be used to unlock the drive on boot.  The Master password will be kept with Morro Data in case the User password is lost.  The Master password is available upon request, but if it is changed and both passwords are lost, we cannot accept returns and may not be able to help recover your data from the device.
  3. If the User password for the drive is lost, the CacheDrive must be sent back to Morro Data for password reset.
  4. The user will need to enter the User or Master password for the drive on every boot (including firmware upgrades).  This requires a keyboard and monitor attached to the CacheDrive.

Changing the User Password

We highly recommend changing the User password on first boot.  To do this:

  1. Connect a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to the CacheDrive.
  2. Power on the CacheDrive.
  3. When the Intel logo appears, press F2 to enter the BIOS.  Warning: Do not change any other settings unless instructed to do so by Morro Data.
  4. Navigate to the Advanced/Security tab.

  5. Click "Set User Hard Disk Drive Password".  Enter the User password provided by Morro Data when prompted.
  6. Enter your desired password.
  7. Press F10 to save and exit.
  8. The CacheDrive will boot normally.

Normal Boot

  1. Power on the CacheDrive.
  2. The BIOS will prompt for the drive password.  Enter the User or Master password.

  3. The CacheDrive will continue booting normally.