Morro Data CloudNAS employs the concept of Global Namespace to manage the user’s file system globally. A global namespace is beneficial as it simplifies the management of a shared file system even when data is distributed globally.

A traditional NAS or a cluster of NAS constitutes an independent file system. Multiple NAS’s in separate locations will require the IT admin to manage multiple file systems (namespaces) separately. In a global namespace, all CloudNAS CacheDrives in separate locations present the same file system and can be managed as one.

Assuming the user has two sites, each with a CacheDrive. The user creates the simplest file system with only one share called ShareA in the Morro Cloud Manager (MCM).

In our global namespace, ShareA is mapped to

  • CacheDrive1
  • Cachedrive2

Users in both sites can read/write data to ShareA and the updated files will be synced to both CacheDrives in real time by the Morro Global File System.