When deploying multiple NAS devices in multiple locations, an IT admin needs to manage multiple independent file systems (namespaces) separately.  Keeping them in sync may require a significant amount of setup and maintenance.

To solve this problem, Morro Data CloudNAS uses a Global Namespace to manage the user's filesystem. Multiple CacheDrives can be used to access the same filesystem regardless of its location, which simplifies management and gives the user a unified view of the storage.

For example, imagine a user with two sites, each with a CacheDrive. The user creates a share called ShareA in the Morro Cloud Manager (MCM).

In our global namespace, ShareA is mapped to:

  • CacheDrive1
  • CacheDrive2

Users in both sites can read/write data to ShareA and the updated files will be synced to both CacheDrives in real-time by the Morro Global File System.

However, in some application scenarios, it may be desirable to have the users at different sites access the CacheDrive shares with the same hostname. This can be done depending on the user authentication mode used:

In Azure AD or Morro Users modes, the hostnames of the two CacheDrives can be made the same by using the "Hostname in LAN" alias.  This option is available in MCM by clicking on Devices, then the device name, then the Advanced tab.

In Active Directory mode,  the hostnames of the two CacheDrives can be made the same by configuring the DNS server appropriately.  Using DNS Netmask Ordering can ensure that the hostname always resolves to the local gateway.  For more details: