In the situation where you may need to remove the full data files from your CacheDrive, you can use the Morro Data security feature to accomplish this goal.

1. Log into Team Portal as a Global or Business Administrator

2. Click on the DEVICESĀ tab.

3. Select the device from which you want to remove the files to open the Gateway details page.

4. Click Edit Access from the section title "Accessible Shares" to open the Gateway Accessible Shares panel.

5. Find the share that has the files you want to remove from the CacheDrive and change the setting the ACCESS column to "NO".

6. Close the "Accessible Shares" panel.

7. Click SAVEĀ from the gateway detail page.

Your files will be removed from the CacheDrive. When you access the network share, you will still see the files in your file system, but in order to access them, they will have to be downloaded from the cloud repository first.