ECHO - ECHO mirrors files between a share and a third-party file sharing service such as Dropbox or OneDrive. Via ECHO, the user's Morro Global File System is connected to third-party file sharing services for external sharing or collaboration.

CacheDrive - A cloud storage gateway device sits on premises and acts as a bridge between users and Morro Cloud Storage. It works as a network file server and user can access files from PC/Mac without any software installed.

Cloud Storage Gateway - A Morro CacheDrive device sits on-premises and acts as a bridge between users and Morro Cloud Storage. it works as a network file server and a user can access files from a client computer without any software installed.

Cloud Storage Group - The provider used as the data object to store the data files managed by the account. Examples are Morro Cloud Storage, S3, B2, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

Cluster - Morro Global File System has a cluster architecture - xCache Expansion can be added to a Cluster to expand the caching size of a gateway. Multiple gateways can be added in a cluster to increase its processing and caching capabilities. A cluster is associated with a location (office or department) and consists of up to 8 cloud storage gateways (CacheDrive) and optionally up to 16 Cache Expansion Units (CX2), all connected on a network.

Global File System - A file system is a logical structure for files being organized on the storage.

Morro Global File System In Morro Global File System files are stored in Morro Cloud Storage, cached on the Morro  CacheDrive (a.k.a. gateway) globally, and accessed either on premises or on the Internet.

Location Aware Permissions  - Access to shares can be restricted based on which gateway is used and whether the user is on premises.

Morro Cloud Manager - Your Morro devices and global file system are managed at: https://{team_portal} where the {team_portal} is chosen by you.

Morro Cloud Storage - A cache-accelerated cloud service for simple and secure file storage with global file system. It built upon Amazon AWS S3 offers the industry leading reliability and availability. Users access the Morro Cloud Storage via Morro CacheDrive (Gateway) for xCache enabled high-performance, enhanced security, and advanced gateway features.

Pool - A storage pool specifies where and how files are stored. Multiple storage pools can be defined for different properties such as file versioning policy. All files in a storage pool are de-duplicated, minimizing cloud storage space used.

Share - A network share is a top level folder on a network. Shares belong in a pool.

User Share Permissions - Share access permissions can be set per user/group. Individual file / folder access control can also be set from client (Windows / Mac).

xCache - xCache is the technology behind Morro CacheDrive. It performs file syncing and caches recently accessed files, enabling high speed file access. Morro CacheDrive has 1 TB of cache and xCache Expansion Unit (CX2) has 2 TB of cache respectively, storing large number of cached files for better performance.