The Logs page is where all your system information and errors logs appears.

Logs are grouped by categories so that you can filter logs to see specific types of items or view all items as once.

Logs by Categories:

  • TEAM
  • MISC

Logs by Type with (Severity):

INFO (low)

WARNING (normal)

ERROR (high)

Logs by Date Range

Specify a date range to view messages that were logged during a specific time period. Enter a start date in the "From" field and an end date in the "Until" field.

Below shows the controls of the system messages in the "Logs" page

Your notification also appears in a pop-out side panel accessible from clicking on the Bell. This notification side panel is accessible from any of the Morro Cloud Manager pages for quick view of any message the system tries to notifies you. Clicking on the "clear" icon next to the "x" will clear the messages from the side panel.