Morro Connect 5.8

Updated on 01/19/2024

Changes from 5.7:

  • Support move folders in a pool.

  • Support copy or move same name file or folder.

  • Morro Connect Team portal options now will be defined in MCM by option "Team Portal - Operation" in MCM -> Share -> Permissions -> gateway page. 

  • In MCM Audit Trail and Manage file version page, the user info for File upload via Morro Connect will displayed.  

  • With MFA setting for BA in MCM AAD mode, admin can login MC2 successfully.

  • Morro Connect GA permission will be defined in MCM by option "Operate all files as admin" in MCM -> Account -> Edit GA permissions.

Morro Connect V5.8 doesn't have new limitations. 

Functions that are NOT supported in Morro Connect V5.8 are the same with V5.7:

  • Don't support Azure AD Domain Services Mode, IDaaS mode with OneLogin, Okta and Generic.
  • Don't support new added storages: Lyve, Rstor, NEO, IIJ. The shares of newly added storages won't be listed on Team Portal page of Morro Connect.
  • Do not support shares with Multiple Cloud Redundancy.


Previous version v5.7 Release Note.