Use the Morro Clone app to migrate cached data from one CacheDrive to another CacheDrive in the same LAN.  Morro Clone copies data over the LAN to avoid Internet bandwidth usage and cloud storage egress fees.  It is fully compatible with all Morro CacheDrives and share types.  Clone tasks can be scheduled to run off-hours. 

Morro Clone can be used when replacing an older CacheDrive with a newer one, or when configuring a new CacheDrive as a hot standby device. 


  • Both CacheDrives must be in the same LAN.
  • The user account used must have access to the shares in both CacheDrives.
  • The destination CacheDrive must have a larger cache size than the source.

Morro Clone Setup - Create a Task

To use Morro Clone, the select a Source and Destination Gateway, enter user credentials, and set an optional schedule.

Enter the following information for the task:

  • Source Gateway - The gateway from which files will be cloned. CIFS connections between the source and destination gateway must be allowed.
  • Destination Gateway - The gateway that will clone all data from the source gateway. CIFS connections between the source and destination gateway must be allowed.
  • User Name - The user must have sufficient permissions to access the source CIFS shares. The Administrator is recommended. If your Morro devices are joined to an AD domain, the user name should be "domain name\Administrator".
  • Password - The password for the user.

Enable the Set Schedule checkbox to run the task according to a schedule. The schedule is based on the destination gateway's time zone setting.

Morro Clone Completed

Task Status

Morro Migrate tasks use icons to indicate the status of each task.

Clone task is being created.
The task has not started.
The task is scheduled to start later.
(Blinking)The task is running.
The task is pending due to another running task.
The task has completed successfully.
The task is suspended and can be resumed again.
The task has failed, but will resume later.
The task has failed and won't retry.


  • For sync and replicate shares, the share access for the destination share will match the source share. For archive shares, the destination share will be read-only. If the source share has prefetch enabled, the destination share will also have prefetch enabled.
  • For archive shares, the destination gateway will be configurated as a Hot Standby device automatically and will sync the share metadata using a Hot Standby job. Allow the Hot Standby job to run to completion.
  • The clone job will appear as disabled when the job is being created or when mapping the share.
  • If the source share is deleted, the share clone job will also be deleted.