"Location History" is used to locate a misplaced file/folder. If a user forgets where he moved his files/folders, the admin can use this feature to locate it. There may be conditions that the current implementation does not support. 


  • The customer needs to remember the complete file/folder name that this file/folder had, and one specific path that this file/folder had been moved into ever. 
  • Inputting file/folder name with wildcard characters is not supported. 
  • The record of location history will not be affected by the updating of file/folder. Only record the name or location change for file/folder.
  • The deleted or purged file/folder can not be found in the Location History. 

    Even if recover the deleted file/folder, the location history that before deleting had also been cleaned and cannot recover anymore.

  • Location History only works in the same share. If the file/folder was moved to another share, the record of location history for that file/folder will be cleaned.

"Location History" provides two methods for user to locate.

Find a Moved Out File/Folder in a Known Path

For a known path, need to locate a file or folder that used to be in this directory and has been moved to an unknown path:

  1. Click the "Location History" option.
  2. Input the file or folder name which you want to locate. (If locating a file, please include the file suffix).
  3. Click the "locate" button. 

Find the Previous Paths for a File/Folder

For a known file/folder, need to find out its previous paths:

  1. Select this file/folder on MCM - Files page.
  2. Click the "Location History" option.

The location history of this file/folder will be displayed as a list shown below.