"Location History" is used to locate a misplaced file/folder. If a user forgets where he moved his files/folders, the admin can use this feature to locate it. There may be conditions that the current implementation does not support. 


  • The customer needs to remember the complete file/folder name that this file/folder had, and one specific path that this file/folder had been moved into ever. 
  • Inputting file/folder names with wildcard characters is not supported. 
  • The record of location history will not be affected by the updating of the file/folder. Only record the name or location change for the file/folder.
  • A deleted or purged file/folder can not be found in the Location History. 

    Even after recovering the deleted file/folder, the location history before deleting had also been cleaned and cannot recover anymore.

  • Location History only works in the same share. If the file/folder was moved to another share, the record of location history for that file/folder will be cleaned.

"Location History" provides the following methods for users to locate:

Find a Moved Out File/Folder in a Known Path

In a known path, if you want to locate a file or folder that used to be in this directory and has been moved to an unknown path, you can do it with these steps:

  1. Click the "Location History" option.
  2. Input the file or folder name which you want to locate. (If locating a file, please include the file suffix).
  3. Click the "locate" button. 

Find the Previous Paths for a File/Folder

If you want to find the previous paths for a file or folder, you can do it by the below steps:

  1. Select this file/folder on MCM - Files page.
  2. Click the "Location History" option.

The location history of this file/folder will be displayed as a list shown below.

Find a Moved Out File from a Deleted Version

When you edit a file with some applications, the file could be deleted and created again. In this case, if you move the file to another directory but forget where the new location is, you can use the deleted version that remains in the directory to find the new path of the file.

  1. Select this deleted file on MCM - Files page.
  2. Click the "Location History" option.

The location history will be displayed as a list shown below.