The VPN Sessions page shows sessions connected to CacheDrive in  Cloud via VPN.

VPN Sessions

The VPN Sessions has the following filters.

  • Since
  • Until
  • Gateway


Enter the start date for the session filter.


Enter the end date for the session filter.


Choose from a list of existing or deleted gateways.

Manage Sessions

Admins can manage the results table.


Select which columns to display by checking or unchecking the space next to the column name.

By default, the VPN Sessions displays the columns:

  • Gateway
  • Connect (time)
  • Disconnect (time)
  • Client Hostname
  • Login Name
  • Status

The remaining column options include:

  • Client IP

Results Per Page

Choose the number of results per page. If the number of results exceeds the per page count, use the right and left arrows to change pages.

Time zones

Use different time zones to display sessions according to your needs.

  • Use UTC Time Zone
  • Use Local (Browser) Time Zone
  • Use Time Zone Set in Preference


  • Green: Connected
  • Black: Disconnected
  • Red: Connection failed
  • Grey: Offline