Morro Edge Release Notes 2.1.0

Date: 2/23/2022

Firmware: 2.1.0

MCM Version: 7.1.0

Note: Some features will be disabled or hidden until the firmware on all devices in the account are up to date.

Morro Edge 2.1.0

  • Morro Edge WAN 2.1 provides the following improvements:
    • analytics

    • logs

    • firewall settings for Core LAN and Edge LAN

Procedure for Updating the Edge Devices to Morro Edge 2.1.x

Login Morro Cloud Manager
  • Select Apps from the left navigation panel -> Morro Edge

  • From the left navigation panel, select the HC Devices tab -> select a Device

  • In the Version row -> click the UPDATE button. This update should take less than five minutes.

  • After the successful update to 2.1.x, the UPDATE button becomes greyed out.

  • The existing older firmware sometimes may not establish communication with the cloud server. If your device did not update successfully, please power cycle the device first then perform the same update procedure. The communication issue has been fixed in the new firmware so there will be no need to power cycle the device for future updates.

  • Repeat the above for the other HC Devices.

  • From the navigation panel, select the Network tab

  • In the diagram showing all devices, select an HC Device. A dialog box appears. Click the Confirm button. This will resolve any IP Address assignment issue.

  • Repeat the above for the other HC Devices.

  • This completes the Morro Edge 2.1.x upgrade