Morro Audit allows you to create a CSV of event stream data for download, which makes it easier to process this information using third-party tools.  Scripting languages, such as Python, are one common way to alter and filter data into a more usable form.  Some possible ways to manipulate the data include:

  • Fine-grained filtering of relevant data.
  • Transforming fields from one format to another, for example timestamps.
  • Generating statistics.

Here is a simple sample Python script that makes it easy to filter out and process fields.  It takes a file named "audit0.csv" and sends the output to "audit0_processed.csv".


def process_first_field(field):
    # Do some processing here.
    return field

def process_second_field(field):
    # Do some processing here.
    return field

def process_third_field(field):
    # Do some processing here.
    return field

# CSV fields:
# date/time,operation,path,stream,args,user,ipaddr,host,device,share

in_file = "audit0.csv"

f = open(in_file)
out = open(out_file, "w")
for line in f:
    fields = line.split(',')
    out.write("{}, {}, {}\n".format(