To configure an Okta domain for use with Morro Data:

  1. Login to Okta.  In the left side menu, click Applications under the Applications menu.
  2. Click "Create App Integration".

  3. Select OIDC under "Sign-in method", then select "Web Application" for "Application type".  Click Next.

  4. Change the "App integration name" if necessary.  Set the "Grant Type" to "Refresh Token" and the "Sign-in redirect URI" to:

    Click Save.

  5. Go to the Assignments tab and add a Super Administrator user if one has not already been added.

  6. Go to the "Okta API Scopes" tab and grant and

  7. Go to the General tab and copy the Client ID, Client Secret, and Client Domain values into the respective fields in MCM ->Team ->Authentication.  Click Switch.

  8. In the Okta Sign In dialog, enter the login credentials for the Super Administrator.