Use Azure AD mode to integrate the system into your Azure Active Directory domain.  To apply share-level access permissions settings, users must be imported in the Users tab.

Note: Users must login to the Team Portal at least once before connecting to shares over SMB.

To switch to Azure AD mode:

  1. Select Azure AD in the "Change Mode to" selection box.
  2. Click the "Switch To This Mode" button.
  3. You will then be prompted for your Microsoft login.  Login and accept the requested permissions to complete the process.

Note: The Microsoft account used for login must have the following API permissions:

  • Sign in and read user profile
  • Read all groups
  • Read directory data
  • Access user's data anytime

Windows Hello PIN sign-in is not compatible with Azure AD mode and should be disabled.

In the lower right corner of the screen, you will see additional options:

  • Rejoin Azure AD - Use this option to repeat the Azure AD join process.  This can sometimes solve issues with the Azure AD integration.
  • Sync Group Info From Azure AD - Synchronize the group information in your Morro Account with Azure AD.