Use the Upload File feature to upload files and folders from your local PC to the Cloud.

To upload a file, click "Select File" or "Select Folder" to use your operating system's file browser or drag and drop files or folders into the upload box.  The most common limitations:

  • The maximum file size for web upload is 96 MB.
  • Total upload size must be less than 1 GB and less than 100 files.
  • Do not refresh the browser until the upload is finished.

Some additional less commonly seen limitations:

  • Empty files cannot be uploaded from the browser.
  • If multiple users upload the same files and the same time, the upload may fail.
  • Multiple files with the same name cannot be uploaded from the browser even if their contents are unique.
  • Some non-alphanumeric characters in filenames may not be supported.
  • Browser upload is supported with S3 (except China region), Wasabi, Azure, Neo, and IIJ storage backends.
  • Safari does not support drag and drop.