The Alerts->Quota page allows you to set quotas on an account, user, share, and user and share basis.

Use the Quota section to setup alerts when storage usage exceeds a user-defined limit.  Quotas will not prevent users from writing additional data when the quota is exceeded, it will only trigger an alert (soft quota).

Use the "Send email alert every X hours" option to change how often quota violation emails are sent.  The timestamp for the last quota email alert will also appear in this area if there are current quota violations.

Click Save to save any changes made, such as adding new quotas, changing the alert email frequency, etc.

Click Clear All to delete all quota configurations from the system.

Click Export Rules to download a CSV of the current quota configuration.

Click Refresh icon in Usage Check column, will display current usaged data.


The Type is automatically set based on the User and Share settings.

UnspecifiedAll SharesAccount
UnspecifiedSpecific ShareShare
Specific UserAll SharesUser
Specific UserSpecific ShareUser/Share

  • Account - Account quotas apply to the entire Morro Account.  It includes all data stored in the cloud.
  • Share - Share quotas apply to a share regardless of which user added the data to the share.
  • User - User quotas apply to a user regardless of which share contains the data.
  • User/Share - User/share quotas are triggered when a user exceeds the storage limit in a particular share.

Create Rules

Use Create Rules to create new quotas.

  • UserName - Select a user to limit.  If the user is "Unspecified", the limit will apply to all users in regards to the other objects (share, account, etc.) in the rule, including admin, guest, and deleted users.  "Default Users" refers to all users who do not have an already defined quota for this object.
  • ShareName - Select a share to limit.  If All Shares is selected, the limit will apply to all shares in regards to the other objects (user, account, etc.) in the rule.  For example, if the user is MorroUser and All Shares is selected, an alert will be sent when MorroUser exceeds the quota limit regardless of which share contains the data.
  • IncludeVersions - If this is set to Yes, previous versions of files are included in the storage used when determining if a quota has been exceeded.  Purged file versions have been completely removed from storage and will not count against the quota.
  • Quota - Set the storage limit that triggers alerts.  Examples of the accepted format: 100GB and 2TB.

After clicking OK, be sure to click Save in the upper right corner.


  • In AD mode, users must be imported before a quota can be applied.
  • In LDAP mode, admin (id 88) will not be displayed in the list.
  • The maximum quota size is 500TB or 512000GB.

Import Rules

To import rules from a CSV file, click Import Rules and select the file.  The column headers must be UserName, ShareName, IncludeVersions, and Quota.

Quota Violation Alerts

Every time an alert email is sent due to quota violations, the "Last Alert Usage" field in the Alerts -> Quota page will be updated with the current amount of storage used.  If a quota's limit has not been exceeded, the "Last Alert Usage" field will be empty.  The timestamp for the last alert email will appear next to the "Send email alert every..." field.

The alert email will have a list of quota violations attached as "Quota Exceeded.txt".  The attachment has up to four sections:

  • Quota for account
  • Quota for share
  • Quota for user
  • Quota for user per share

Each corresponds to a type listed in the Types section and will contain details for current quota violations including the amount of storage used.

The guest user will appear as "unimported user (65534)".

Other Notes

  • Changing the authentication mode in Team -> Authentication will automatically clear all quota configurations.
  • If a user or share is deleted, all quotas related to this specific user or share will be deleted.