Morro VPN is a Morro-deployed service that allows users to access a CacheDrive in Cloud securely from anywhere in the world.  Use the Morro VPN app to configure VPN access.

Note: VPN accounts are used only to create a VPN tunnel between the client PC and the CacheDrive.  Users will still need standard accounts in the configured authentication mechanism (for example, an AD account) to access the shares and Team Portal.


The Dashboard shows all of the VPN-enabled devices in the account.

  • CacheDrive Name - The name of the CacheDrive as configured by the Administrator.
  • Device Status - The status of the device.
  • Role - Role can be one of the following:
    • Global Access - The shares on this device can be accessed through the Morro-deployed VPN.
    • ADS Proxy - This device is connecting to an ADS Relay to access the on-prem AD server.  This is configured by Morro and cannot be changed by the Administrator.
    • ADS Relay - This on-prem device is being used by the ADS Proxy to access an on-prem AD server.  This is configured by Morro and cannot be changed by the Administrator.
  • VPN Configuration - If this device is in the Global Access role, this column shows the unique part of the FQDN for this device.  To get the full FQDN, append to this value.  For ADS Relay and ADS Proxy devices, this column shows the paired device for AD access.

VPN Servers

Use the VPN Servers page to configure the VPN device.

  • Pre-Shared Key - Change the pre-shared key used to connect to the VPN.
  • Server CIDR - This determines the IP addresses used for the devices at both ends of the VPN tunnel.  For example, with this set to, the CacheDrive will have an IP address of for the VPN, while the client may get an IP address of for the VPN.  The specified subnet should not be used for any other purpose on either side of the VPN tunnel.

    Note that this will not affect the local IP address of the CacheDrive and the client, only the address for the VPN.

VPN Users

Use the VPN Users page to setup user accounts for VPN access.

Select a CacheDrive in Cloud and click Load to begin:

To delete a user, click the X icon in the user's row.

To change the user's VPN password, click the pencil icon in the user's row.

To add users, click the Add button:

Enter usernames, descriptions, and passwords for the new users, then click Save.  Use the Add New User button to add another row to the table for additional users.

Click Import Multiple Users to create users using a CSV file.  The CSV file should have the same fields as the table and in the same order.  The column headers must be 'UserName', 'Description', 'Password'.

Using the VPN

For more information on how to connect to the CacheDrive using the VPN, see the following article:

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