In Active Directory mode, use the User tab to view and import AD users.  User management should be done in Active Directory.


Manage Users

Choose the USER tab to manage Users in the Morro Account.

There are three types of users (Roles):

Business Administrator

The user that created the account when signing up for Morro Cloud Storage is the Business Administrator. When you create the Morro Data Account, the email address provided at the beginning of the Sign Up process is the Business Administrator for the account. Only one Business Administrator is associated with each account. The Business Admin is a super user with access to every part of Morro Cloud Manager and is used to promote users to Global Admins and to manage the billing information and storage plans for the account. 

Global Administrator

Global Admins can administer the Morro Cloud Manager including creating standard Users for the account. Global Admins do not have permission to promote users to Global Admin nor do they have permission to manage billing information or storage plans. Global Admin are always promoted from Standard Users.

Standard User

Standard users have access to files on the Morro Cloud Manager. They can be created by either the Business Admin or Global Admins.

Note: When you create your Morro Data Account, you are the Business Administrator for the account.

Built-in Administrator

The Built-in Administrator is a user that is created automatically when the Morro Data Account is created. The built-in user is created to access CacheDrive via SMB protocol with network username 'admin' and the same password as the Business Admin initially, and then managed independently thereafter. User 'admin' is a different user from the Business Admin's AD username (e.g. 'john_doe'), and both can be used for SMB access of the CacheDrive. 

The password of Built-in 'admin' can be changed in the Manage User panel.

The password of Business Administrator can be updated in the "Profile" page when logged in as the Business Admin.

Import User/Group from ADS

Import users and groups to make them available when managing share access restrictions. There is no need to import users to access the CacheDrives because authentication is handled by ADS. 

To import users and groups:

  1. Enter a query string in the "Query String" field and click "Find Now".  Use an asterisk (*) as the wildcard character.
  2. Select the user(s) and group(s) in the Search Results area, then click "Import Now".

Note: If the "Computer OU" field in the Team -> Authentication page contains any special characters that are not supported (even if they are allowed in Windows), the LDAP search may be unable to find any users or groups.  In this case, remove the special characters from the "Computer OU" field in the Team -> Authentication page and try again.

Edit User

Click on a user to edit the user settings.

In Active Directory mode, you can:

  • Enable MFA - Enable multi-factor authentication for this user account.
  • Unimport - Remove this user from the Morro Account.  This will remove the user from share-level access control lists.