Use the Schedule tab to limit the available upload/prefetch bandwidth on a gateway. This is useful in locations where Internet upload/download speed is limited and prevents a gateway's uploads/downloads from interfering with the bandwidth needs of other local devices during business hours.

Upload/Prefetch Window and Bandwidth

Enable the slider to apply the upload/prefetch schedule to the device.

Note that the limited must also be enabled at the share level.  Please see the Upload and Prefetch sections in the following article:

Manage Share - Advanced

Also note that this is not the same schedule used for managing replicate share sync times. Replicate share sync schedule information can be found here:

Manage Share - Schedule

Setting the Bandwidth Limit

To set the bandwidth limit for a particular time period, select a rate limit:

Set bandwidth

Then select the appropriate cells in the date/time matrix.

select time

In the above example, upload/prefetch bandwidth will be limited to 100Mbps on weekdays from 9am to 6pm and unlimited at all other times.

To select multiple cells at a time:

  • Click on a day of the week (left side of the schedule matrix) to fill the entire day with the selected rate.
  • Click on an hour (bottom of the schedule matrix) to fill in the selected hour for all days with the selected rate.
  • Left-click on a cell and drag the mouse pointer across several cells.  This will allow you to paint the matrix with the selected rate.

Fill/Empty Schedule

To quickly fill or empty the schedule, use the slider next to the rate selector:

Fill and empty schedule