Use the Schedule tab to limit the available upload bandwidth on a gateway.  This is useful in locations where Internet upload speed is limited and prevents a gateway's uploads from interfering with the bandwidth needs of other local devices during business hours.

Schedule tab

Upload Window and Bandwidth

Enable this slider to apply this schedule to the device.

Note that the limited must also be enabled at the share level.  Please see the Upload section in the following article:

Manage Share - Advanced

Also note that this is not the same schedule used for managing replicate share sync times.  Replicate share sync schedule information can be found here:

Manage Share - Schedule

Setting the Bandwidth Limit

To set the bandwidth limit for a particular time period, select a rate limit:

Set bandwidth

Then select the appropriate cells in the date/time matrix.

select time

In the above example, upload bandwidth will be limited to 100Mbps on weekdays from 9am to 6pm and unlimited at all other times.

To select multiple cells at a time:

  • Click on a day of the week (left side of the schedule matrix) to fill the entire day with the selected rate.
  • Click on an hour (bottom of the schedule matrix) to fill the selected hour for all days with the selected rate.
  • Left click on a cell and drag the mouse pointer across several cells.  This will allow you to paint the matrix with the selected rate.

Fill/Empty Schedule

To quickly fill or empty the schedule, use the slider next to the rate selector:

Fill and empty schedule