The Permissions tab allows you to set access availability to shares on a per-gateway basis.

permissions tab


Use the Access column dropdowns to set the level of access that the gateway has to the share.

The available access levels are:

  • RW - Read/write
  • RO - Read only
  • NO - No access

For example, the AEC share is set to NO in the Access dropdown.  This means that the AEC share is not mapped on gateway London, and that if a user tried to access AEC on that gateway, they would find that it is not being shared.


Enable the Prefetch option to force the gateway to download new and modified files in the share as soon as they are available on the cloud.  This option may be helpful for cases where download from cloud on access results in an unacceptable delay.

Note that this can result in large amounts of unnecessary downloads and possible additional egress charges.  The gateway may download files that are never used locally.

An example of how prefetch can be used to improve performance and usability is as follows.  Imagine two users sharing a photo gallery on a share using different gateways.  If User A uploads a large set of photos and prefetch is disabled, User B would have to wait for his gateway to download each file from the cloud when he views each individual photo.  With prefetch enabled, User B's gateway would download the files as soon as User A uploads them, and the photos would be available locally when User B tries to view them.