Use the Schedule tab to configure a schedule for syncs.

Sync Schedule

To set the schedule, select the days and hours to automatically initiate a share sync.

The above screenshot shows a sync scheduled for weekdays at 6 PM.  Weekdays are selected in the days row (M, T, W, T, and F) and 18:00 (which is the 24-hour format for 6 PM) is selected in the hour area.

The Select All and Clear All buttons can be used to select and clear all schedule boxes respectively.

Sync Now/Cancel

Click the Sync Now button to perform a sync immediately.  When a sync is in progress, the Sync Now button will be replaced by a Cancel button which can be used to cancel the running sync job.

Additional Options

Do After

Choose the share whose sync job should be run after the job of the current share is completed.

  • Only replicate shares with the same source gateway can be selected.
  • Two shares cannot choose each other (causing a loop).

Enable API Control

Enable the setting and click Apply to see the available API endpoint for the share.

For more information about the incoming API, please refer to the article: Incoming API

Send Job Status to Apps

When the replicate sync job completes, send a message to the selected Slack account. For more information on how to set up the Slack account, please refer to the article: Morro Slack App