The Files & Locks page gives you a detailed look at the files and folders in your Morro Account. It provides file lock management in an RTC (Real Time Collaboration)-enabled share as well as looking up the Rename/Move history of a file.

Time Zones

Use the time zone option to set the time zone for displayed timestamps.

  • Use UTC Time Zone
  • Use Local (Browser) Time Zone
  • Use Time Zone Set in Preference

Usage Chart

The center of the usage chart shows the sum of the file sizes (current version only) in the folder. Enable the "Include version size" option to include previous versions of files in the calculation. For the Root page, the outer edge of the usage chart shows what percentage of used storage is used by each share. For shares and folders, the outer edge of the usage chart shows the amount of storage used by the largest subfolders and files in the share or folder.

You can navigate to other folders by clicking on the path at the top of the screen, the ring chart, or the file and folder listing at the bottom. 

File Listing

The available columns are:

TypeItem type (file or folder)
VersionLatest version
NameFile or folder name
Metadata ModifiedMetadata change synced to cloud time
Version DateVersion created, file contents changed, synced to cloud time
ModifiedTimestamp for latest modification
OwnerUser owner of the file
GroupGroup owner of the file
SizeSize of the file
Size (Versions)Total size including previous versions
Share TypeThe type of share (when viewing the root folder)
Manage (Audit Plus only)Manage the lock of the file, and view the Rename/Move history of the file

The manage option requires Audit Plus. Please contact Morro support to enable Audit Plus. 


After checking the "Manage" option, two icons may appear in the "Manage" column.

Click the first icon for "History with Move/Rename" and the second icon for "Lock Manager". The "Lock Manager " icon works only for RTC-enabled shares.

History with Move/Rename

History with Move/Rename for file/folder

View the history of a file or folder with move/rename operations. Each row shows the user info for each file or folder modification. Mouse over the file/folder icon to show more details, such as:

  • Size: file/folder size
  • Client: Client PC's IP address. The IP address is available only with files and folders access through SMB in a sync share.
  • Device: Gateway name, for example the CacheDrive name or Team Portal.
  • Origin: The file upload source, such as SMB, MCM, MC2, etc.

Lock Manager

Lock Manager for Account

You can view how many files are locked in your account, list all locked files in a CacheDrive, and delete all locks on files in a CacheDrive.

Lock Manager for Share

You can manage locks within a share.

Lock Manager for File

You can manage locks on a selected file.

Lock Manager for the Parent Folder

Some files may not appear in the cloud, such as the temporary locking status file '~$mydoc.docx' used by Microsoft Office. These files are used by Microsoft Office apps to keep the main file locked. It may be necessary to find these files and delete them on the CacheDrive to unlock the main file. To manage such files, enter its full path in the Lock Manager of its parent folder.