The Device page let's you view event and status information on a per-device basis.


Use the Events tab to see login failures for a Device.

Select a start and end date, then a Gateway, and click Query.

The available fields are:

IDThe event ID.
GatewayThe name of the gateway.
TimeTimestamp for the event.
EventEvent code.
Client IPThe IP address of the client.
Client HostnameThe hostname for the client.
Login NameThe login username.
InfoA text description for the event code.


The Status tab provides various statistics for gateways.

To see the status for a device, select the Gateway, Item, then Period if applicable and click Run/Refresh.

The available items are:

S.M.A.R.TDisk self-check.
Queue StatusShows queue status summary on a per-share basis.
IP AddressNetwork interface statistics.
Active SMB SessionsList of active connections to the SMB service.
Disk I/ODisk input/output.
Volume UsageVolume usage.
Network TrafficNetwork traffic to the device.
SMB TrafficSMB traffic to the SMB service.
HTTPS TrafficHTTPS traffic to the device.
CPU/Memory UsageCPU and RAM usage.